Cans for Kids gives $7,000 in first year

by | Jul 20, 2019 | Community Strategic Plan, Nonprofit, Youth

IVCanDO’s Cans For Kids program gives over $7,000 in first year Illinois Valley deposit bottle donation program benefits IV youth programs. 

Cave Junction, Ore., July 18, 2019—IVCanDOnate, the Cans for Kids bottle deposit donation station in Cave Junction, celebrates one year of operations on Saturday, July 27 with the announcement that the program has generated over $7,000 in proceeds for local youth programs.

Every Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm there’s a flurry of activity behind Oregon Caves Chevron as residents donate Oregon 10¢ deposit containers and youth volunteers sort them by type to earn money for their group. 75% of value collected goes to the group volunteering, while the remaining 25% covers program costs and accrues towards grants for youth groups whose members are too young to come sort cans, or who make a special request for funding.

The Illinois Valley Community Development Organization (IVCanDO) created the program under the IV 20/20 Strategic Plan in response to the ongoing need for simplified fundraisers and the limited options for deposit container redemption locally.

“It took two years to set this up,” stated Kate Dwyer, who spearheaded the creation of the program. “Nothing about this fit the guidelines of the OBRC [Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative] but they took a chance on us and it’s been a huge success. Response is growing stronger every week, especially with the new mural.” Local artist Dallion McGregor recently completed a colorful mural on the cargo container that houses the program, with help from a grant for public art from the Josephine County Cultural Coalition.

IVCanDO’s Cans for Kids is made possible by the generous support of Oregon Caves Chevron, which donates the use of the location, the Carpenter Foundation, which made a start up grant, Southern Oregon Sanitation, which provides a cardboard dumpster and trash collection, and Shop Smart Food Warehouse, which assisted with program development, and the OBRC, which redeems the containers.

Youth groups wishing to sign up for a collection day should contact Cami Sater at [email protected]. For more information please contact Kenny Houck at [email protected]

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The Illinois Valley Community Development Organization (IVCanDO) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working to develop, implement, and evaluate a living Illinois Valley Strategic Plan that encourages stable community development and aims to improve local economic, social, and cultural conditions through cooperative programs and partnerships in rural southwest Oregon.

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