Illinois Valley Soil & Water Conservation District

Detailed Information

The IV SWCD offers locally led conservation in the Illinois Valley.

We are farmers, ranchers, gardeners, horse owners, miners, loggers, and land owners working together for the health of the Illinois Valley.

We offer free, non-regulatory assistance and information for efforts to conserve, restore, and enhance our natural resources, making the Valley productive for people as well as plants and animals.

We may be able to provide grant funding to land owners in the Valley for improvement or emergency projects.

Partnership is key to our success. We have partnered with NRCS, EWP, USDA, USFS, ODA, OWEB, Rogue Basin Partnership, IV Watershed Council, and other surrounding SWCD’s and Watershed Councils just to name a few.

Have a question about water quality, agriculture, watershed or land management? Give us a call or stop by our offices today to learn what we can do for you!

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