Kalmiopsis Community Arts High School

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Kalmiopsis Community Arts High School will be a place where you can come as you are and we’ll meet you there. We will help you embody your authentic teenage self through creative expression, wild nature, community collaborations, real-world youth leadership opportunities, and rigorous academics that will challenge any doubts that you are intelligent, capable, and creative. We want to help you step into the adult world with confidence, passion, and perspective. Our vision is to help you define your vision – who are you, what brings you joy, and where are you going from here?

Four Core Values
(1) Youth Leadership Grows Genuine Confidence
(2) Creative Expression is a Human Right
(3) Rural Communities Count
(4) Multiple Perspectives Build a Better World

What Makes Kalmiopsis A Little Different? Here are seven ways that KCA is a unique addition to Three Rivers School District (TRSD):
(1) Intensives: The academic calendar includes three two-week intensives as well as two semesters. Students choose one field-based, project-based, or arts-based class for a two-week immersion;
(2) Performing, fine, and literary arts: In contrast to the predominance of competitive sports at other schools, KCA prioritizes the arts: arts-based integration into all classes (including P.E.), arts-focused extracurriculars, and arts-based collaborations with community artists and nonprofits;
(3) Teacher-run: KCA will be the first teacher-run TRSD school, as nonhierarchical Teacher Leaders share administrative duties;
(4) Restorative Justice: student discipline follows a Restorative Justice model, which nearly eliminates detentions, suspensions and expulsions;
(5) Youth decision-making power: KCA’s school board designates 1-2 seats for students, a first for TRSD;
(6) Narratives over numbers: On report cards, GPAs are de-emphasized, and detailed written and oral feedback emphasized;
(7) Place-based learning: KCA will localize curriculum, conduct field-based studies, collaborate with local fine/literary/performing artists, hike and backpack in our wild places, and incorporate place-based learning into every Intensive and most semester-length classes.

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