Siskiyou Pines Patrol LLC

Detailed Information

Siskiyou Pines Patrol LLC is here to help protect your home and business. We are LOCAL in the Illinois Valley and we are ready to respond to your calls. With the purchase of one of our monthly or yearly security packages, we will patrol your home or business at random times of the day and night to watch for would-be burglars, thieves and other trespassers who might be lurking about. In addition, we will respond to your call for help and secure your premises if there is a break-in.

Our Security Guards are professionally trained, are licensed in the State of Oregon, and have undergone fingerprinting and background checks.

We let would-be criminals know that somebody is watching and ready to respond to alarms and calls for help!

Call us at 541-415-WASP (9277) to get information on the different packages we have to offer for your home or business.

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