Era of Megafires is Returning to the Rogue Valley

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Era of Megafires is Returning to the Rogue Valley

Free Presentations in Medford and Grants Pass Scheduled for June


MEDFORD, June 4, 2019 – The Rogue River-Siskiyou National  Forest, along with the Rogue Valley Fire Prevention Cooperative, North 40 Productions, Oregon Department of Forestry, and Josephine County Firewise are pleased to bring two free showings of Era of Megafires to Medford on June 19, 2019, and to Grants Pass on June 20, 2019. Both presentations are free to the public, with seating limited to facility capacities. Doors at each event will open at 6:30 PM. The presentation begins at 7:00 PM, with opportunity for questions at the end of the production.



When: June 19, 2019

Where: Asante Smullin Health Education Center (2825 E Barnett Road)

Ticket URL:

Ticket by phone: (541) 471-3877


Grants Pass

When: June 20, 2019

Where: Taprock Events Center (940 SE 7th Street)

Ticket URL:

Ticket by phone: (541) 471-3877


Era of Megafires is a 60-minute live presentation featuring Dr. Paul Hessburg, a research landscape ecologist with Pacific Northwest (PNW) Research Station. In this multi-media presentation, Hessburg explains that over the past decade, the number of large, severe wildfires has been on the rise. These megafires are wildfires that burn more than 100,000 acres; they can destroy or severely damage human communities, wildlife habitat, and natural resources. This special presentation conveys the conditions that lead to megafires and how they might be managed or mitigated.


Megafires and the destruction caused by them is a serious and growing issue to our region. Our communities, homes, businesses and our very way of life are threatened. If we are going to make effective progress towards increasing fire resiliency, we must increase awareness and stimulate conversation about this important issue across all levels of society.


“A future without wildfire isn’t an option,” Hessburg says. “So, what kind of future do we want for our forests? The goal of this project is to share a vocabulary and increase the understanding and ability of ordinary citizens so that they can enter into local discussions and planning for a more certain future for public forest lands.”


Since June, 2016, the presentation has reached 86 cities and towns and more than 25,000 citizens. There is also a TEDx presentation featuring Dr. Hessburg, titled Living (Dangerously) in an Era of Megafires presentation on, which provides a great overview for anyone wishing to learn more.


For more information and updates, visit the Era of Megafires website, and visit the Medford and Grants Pass Facebook Event pages.



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