4th Annual Let’s Write Event!

The Southern Oregon Guild invites you to come experiment with us and explore your own creativity in the fourth annual “Let’s Write – A Different Kind of Writing Experience” on Saturday, May 21, 2022 from 9AM-5PM. “Let’s Write” will be facilitated by professional writers who provide the time, space, and inspiration for you to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and take creative risks.

The day begins with a keynote address from Amy Miller, followed by 3 sessions of writing workshops,with a choice of two different workshops during each session. This year presenters include H. Ní Aódagaín, Eliot Feenstra, Miles Frode, Laura Mancuso, Amy Miller, and Kokayi Nosakhere! The writers will both inform and be catalysts, providing inspiration to support you in creating your own fresh writing during the session. For those ready to share their work, “Let’s Write” will conclude with an Open Mic/Happy Hour.

Register by May 18 at the Guild Gallery or online at www.southernoregonguild.org. Fees are on a sliding scale from $35 to $55. Student fee is $20. For student registration and financial hardship scholarship information, call 541-592-5019 or email [email protected].


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