Painting Workshop: Advanced Color

Are you looking to elevate your use of COLOR to the next level? Perhaps you took a beginner class and are looking to advance? We invite you to join us at the Southern Oregon Guild Gallery & Art Center in Kerby on Saturday August 5 from 1-4pm for Intermediate/Advanced Color Theory II, led by professional local artist Kristen O’Neill, where you’ll gain an even deeper understanding and confidence in color and color mixing. During this 3-hour workshop, you’ll work on:

  • Creating a variety of color schemes (primary, secondary, tertiary, analogous, complimentary, etc).
  • Learning “High key vs low key”
  • Contrasting temperatures
  • Learning how light affects color based on different times of day

Kristen will also review famous works of art and their color lessons and afterward lead us in creating a small project to keep as a reminder in our studios. This class is applicable to all intermediate or advanced painters using an opaque medium (oil, acrylic, gouache) who want to be empowered by color, and know that they have a variety of choices to create color harmony in their paintings. A variety of painting colors and supplies will be provided and included in your selected class fee–sliding scale $45-$65.

Guild Member Kristen O’Neill has taught hundreds of students and believes in being generous with her knowledge. Her down-to-earth and humorous teaching style are designed to make artists feel welcomed to art and skill improvement. She graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2003 and has lived in Southern Oregon since 2015. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram, where she shares updates about her offerings, upcoming gallery showings, fun painting challenges, and more! Her artwork can also be viewed and purchased at




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