Kerbyville Museum Opens with New Display

by | Apr 14, 2018 | Community Strategic Plan, Culture

Kerbyville added a display to the many historical displays already at the Historical Museum. Dennis Strayer donated half of his personal crystal and fossil collection to be an exhibit at the Museum

Kerby, Oregon: Kerbyville Museum has opened for the season; they have added a new crystal and fossil collection to the many historical displays already at the museum. The new collection was donated by Dennis Strayer, historian and volunteer at the Museum.

The museum displays much of the history of Oregon and Josephine County. The displays include:

2 Story 1880 Naucke House
Historic blacksmith and barn area
Historic 1890’s Log School
US Military Collection
Children’s activity book and scavenger hunt
General store and historic Kerby Post Office
The main museum exhibits focus on gold mining, pioneers, and the Native Americans

Kerbyville Museum is currently open Tuesday through Saturday, 11 am until 3 pm, Sundays noon to 3. They are located in Kerby at 24195 Redwood Highway. For more information please call 541-592-5252

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