New Pollinator Garden at the IV Library

by | Mar 28, 2018 | Community Strategic Plan, Culture, Downtown Beautification, Nonprofit, Website News

Friends of the IV Library now has a new committee, formed to create a new  “Pollinator Garden” near the Library front door.

The original Library Garden was planted by the IV Garden Club in 1967, which planted the Sweet Gum trees that shade the garden today, as well as the foundation planting of shrubs.  Then in 2010, a native plant garden was designed by Carol McBride, planted with help from community members.

In 2015, youth from IVHS joined in the Dan Fiske Day of Service to remove some old shrubs near the front door, and to plant a few flowering perennials like lavender and coreopsis.  The Dan Fiske Day of Service returned in 2016 to provide care for the library garden.  This winter 2017-18, another stage of soil preparation and planting has added a low rock wall, and more flowering plants for spring and summer blooms.

The IV Library Pollinator Garden is a project of the IVCDO 20/20 Strategic Plan, which calls for more flower gardens for Downtown Beautification in our valley.  For more information or to get involved with the IV Library Garden, please contact Roberta Lee, Library Manager, 541-237-4370.

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