Nonprofits Team Up to Raise Money and Help Rural Oregon

by | Jun 13, 2022 | Website News

Celebrate Rural Communities in Oregon with Community Website Partnership’s Summer Online Auction

(Oregon- statewide)- June 6, 2022 Community Website Partnership’s 10 community websites serve over 295,000 rural Oregonians through community supported websites that provide: local events, volunteer matching, news, resources, and emergency info about Covid and wildfires. Community Website Partnership’s network of websites serving rural Oregon offers a free Directory and advertising services that help local businesses reach local audiences and build visibility across the state.

Recent wildfires and the COVID pandemic have made it more difficult for nonprofits serving rural Oregon to raise sufficient funds to continue doing their work. The Hub Team of the Community Website Partnership is offering a creative solution – raise money collaboratively and share the profits. This innovative approach runs counter to the every nonprofit-for-themselves model of the past where small nonprofits in rural areas are often pitted against each other to secure funds.

Community Website Partnership is helping to train, convene, and support nonprofits serving rural Oregon in Douglas County, Jefferson County, Sisters Country, Josephine County, Illinois Valley, Applegate Valley, South Coast and other areas across the state.

Check out Community Website Partnership’s Spring online auction which is live June 8 – 18th, 2022. It is a great time to learn how a network of networks can support each other while offering some really great auction items, reflecting the diverse and amazing rural communities in Oregon.

Featured items include:
-Preview starts
Bidding is open Monday, June 8th at noon until Saturday, June 18th at noon.
About Community Website Partnership:
Community Website Partnership helps strengthen rural, Pacific Northwest communities by promoting community awareness, connectedness, and community building. Our goal is to engage residents, nonprofits and businesses using our Community Website template and Partnership process to enhance community building and positive change.
Over 295,000 people in 10 rural communities throughout Oregon have access to information, and are knowledgeable about resources, businesses, events, news, activities, and available services thanks to Community Website Partnership. Community Websites provide locals with vital information including fire and safety updates and COVID resources and our Partnership learns and grows together to galvanize people into action for the greater good of all.
Brooke Nuckles Gentekos and Rhianna Simes, Co Directors [email protected] 802-342-1903

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