Pride In The Valley 6/26

by | Jun 14, 2021 | Culture

Act Out IV is pleased to inform you that we will be planning a Pride event on June 26th from 12:00-4:00 pm at Jubilee Park, Cave Junction. As this pride event is the first of its kind in the Illinois Valley, and we couldn’t be more excited. There are many LGBT+ individuals in our community that lack visibility and representation. To be able to be seen, heard, and represented is especially important for LGBT+ youth that need validation in their identities. Now, with many quarantined at home with potentially unaccepting family members, it is more important than ever.
Because of this, we have decided to plan an in-person Pride Event at Jubilee Park. Pride In The Valley will provide live music, local food trucks, and engaging conversations about what Pride means to our community. To continue, Pride In The Valley is designed to be an all-ages event and a safe space for those who choose to come to participate. Lastly, speakers and organizations will be sharing information and resources for members of the LGBTQ+ community.  To find more info about Act Out, please visit out website at or email us at [email protected].
Alcohol is strictly prohibited as this is an all-ages event
Masks, social distancing, and COVID-19 restrictions are mandatory
Derogatory actions or language are discouraged as this event focuses on activism and empowerment
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