Since 1893

by | Mar 11, 2020 | Culture, History

The Althouse Methodist Episcopal Church was incorporated February 25th, 1893.

James M. Payne, John E. Seyferth, and Alvin Morey were appointed trustees at that time. The original building was built on the McCann property on Dick George Road about 1 1/2 miles from its present location. In 1894 Solomon Keefer sold us a parcel of land for $5.00 located at our present location at 5181 Holland Loop Road. This was the incentive to move the Church down the road, most likely jacked up and skidded down the gravel road pulled by horses and ropes. The Bridgeview Community Church as it is known today has held services ever since. It is the only 19th century Church building remaining in the Illinois Valley. Along with the IV Grange Hall and Bridgeview school-house, they faithfully served the farming and mining community here in our valley.
In 1986 the congregation grew to standing room only. Pastor Mortimore said; “If everyone showed up all at once we would not have room for them all”. So the vision of a bigger facility was birthed.
2010 marks a new chapter of God’s ministry here at Bridgeview Community Church. Pastor Sonny Moore his wife Lisa and their four grown children along with a core group of believers are reaching out to our community with the love of our Lord Jesus Christ and sharing the good news of the Gospel. The grace of God flows in this place! And we have been called to worship Him in Spirit and Truth. Come join the Community in fellowship!

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