Williams Community Forest Project Hike

by | Oct 13, 2021 | Recreation

Kerby Peak

Sunday, Oct 24th

9 am, Meet at the Williams Grange

Kerby Peak trail in the Siskiyou Crest is considered difficult because of its 3.4 mile steep switch back climb with an elevation gain of 2700 feet to the 5,555 ft Kerby Peak.The trail starts with a beautiful old forest of towering Douglas fir that gives way to sugar pine, chinquapin, rare weeping Brewers spruce and knob-cone pine.

After two miles the trail becomes a rock garden that in the summer is full of many colored wild flowers. At the summit there are 360 degree views that extend east to Mount McLoughlin, southeast to Grayback Mountain, Lake Mountain and Swan Mountain, south to Little Grayback and high peaks of the Siskiyou Wilderness.

The climb is worth the spectacular view and unique botanical & geographic features.

See “Hiking Trails of The Lower Applegate” by Evelyn Roether

Kerby Peak Trail is documented on maps dating back to 1915, and was probably first established by Native Americans or game animals. In 1916, a telephone line was constructed to the peak by the State. In 1922, an official State lookout was established on top of the peak, where it remained until 1966. Civilian Conservation Corps were organized in 1933, and a camp was established outside of Selma (Camp Kerby). Men from the camp reportedly hiked the trail after hours in an effort to maintain physical fitness. The Oregon State Forestry

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