Click the above three buttons to learn How to View your calendar, How to Post to the calendar, and How to Edit your posted events. Or scroll down and read below!

How to Search and Sort

View Modes

There are six ways for you to view your community calendar! They are:

  • Month View
    Month-at-a-glance, and similar to a pin-up calendar, click the name of the event or hover over it for more details.
  • List View
    Organizes events sequentially in a quick list.
      • Map View
        Provides an interactive map of the location where events occur in the community.
      • Photo View
        List of events with a visual, photogenic flare.


      Search for events by Category or Location.

      How to Post Events

      Posting Your Event

      First, Register for the site and confirm your email address by opening your email and following the link.

      Then, Log In, go to the Calendar, and click “Post an Event.”

      Finally, fill out the form.

          Selecting Your Categories

          To give your event a category, click Search from existing categories, then wait for the list to appear. Select your category from the list. You can also select multiple categories.

          Please select at least two categories.

          When done, click Submit Event.

              How to Edit Events

              Edit Your Events

              To edit your events, click Calendar, then under Account, click My Events.

              Select your event, then click on it to edit it. When you’re done, click the button at the bottom.

                  Still Need Help?

                  Still unclear on how to use the calendar? Email [email protected] and someone will get back to you.

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