Comprehensive Water Class

This workshop will be for teens AND ADULTS! (11 years and older)
(All minors must be accompanied by a guardian)
The Comprehensive Water class covers everything you should consider when planning for your emergency water needs. Lack of fresh, clean drinking water is often a secondary emergency after large disasters. Many people don’t know that you need to purify and filter water, not just one or the other! Where can safe water be found? What are the best methods for purifying and filtering water? Many common products don’t kill viruses. What product do you plan to use? Is a LifeStraw all you need? Come learn everything you need to know to drink, cook, sanitize and clean wounds after a disaster.
This workshop is brought to you by Prep-U
There will be a $30 class
Spiral Living Center members receive a $5 discount!
For more information visit
Facebook and Instagram @EarthsScoutsSLC
Tickets are available online at


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