Wet Felted Scarf Class @ The Guild

Wet Felted Ruffle Scarves with Kate Dwyer
Saturday February 3 from 12pm-3pm
Location: @ The Southern Oregon Guild Gallery & Art Center
Price: $45 – all materials included

We invite you to join us at the Guild Gallery & Art Center on Saturday February 3 from 12am-3pm to learn the art of wet felting with local fiber artist, Kate Dwyer. During this 3-hour lively workshop, Kate will share how to create a wet-felted ruffle scarf with wool roving in a process that is simple enough for a beginner, yet intriguing enough for an experienced felter to enjoy. Class is suitable for anyone who can move their arms a lot and is 10+ years old (any children should be accompanied by an adult.) Each participant will walk away with a completed scarf to take home and the skills to make more on their own!

Kate will lead you through: learning about the nature of wool, where materials can be sourced, why the layout of the wool will affect the finished product, how to mix colors, and how to create ruffles using this principle. You will cover a table with a towel and sheets of plastic, and then be invited to select your supply of wool from weighed wool “kits,” or you may select some separate colors (scale provided by Kate.) Participants will learn how to divide their wool for a balanced layout. We will “tease out” and place wool on the plastic sheeting in layers. We will then cover a layout with netting and use squirt bottles of warm water, and bars of ivory soap to wet and soap the wool. We will rub, massage, and shape the scarf. Eventually we will rinse the scarves and roll the scarves in the towels to blot them and they will be ready to take home to dry.

Kate will be providing: wool, plastic sheeting, netting fabric, ivory soap bars, squirt bottles, weighed wool “kits”/ extra colors of wool, a kitchen scale, bus tubs, and gloves in case someone finds the soap irritating. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN LARGE & SMALL TOWEL (for drying hands). Be prepared, as the wet felting process involves getting WET!! The larger towel will be used to sop up soapy water from your work surface and keep it from dripping onto the floor.

Kate will be bringing a few extra felting “kits” to sell so that students can continue making scarves at home. These materials are widely available online or in Ashland but not usually in these smaller increments. Getting set up to make more could take an investment, so Kate is offering some take-home kits with wool and netting as a courtesy, for people who’ve “got the bug.”

SPOTS ARE LIMITED: PLEASE REGISTER at www.southernoregonguild.org


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