Rogue Community College and Three Rivers School District Launch Innovative “College Connect” Program

by | Sep 25, 2023 | Education and Learning

Josephine and Jackson County (Sept. 21, 2023) – Three Rivers School District (TRSD) and Rogue Community College (RCC) have formed a partnership aimed at transforming the educational landscape for 11th and 12th-grade TRSD students. As part of the new College Connect program, college classes are offered at RCC on Fridays for TRSD high school students. 

“RCC is thrilled to have the new College Connect program with the Three Rivers School District to empower high school students and enrich their educational journey by expanding their horizons,” says RCC Career Connected Learning Navigator Julie Toledo. 

College Connect: Fostering Student Success  

The new program enables eligible 11th and 12th-grade TRSD students to attend select classes at the RCC Redwood Campus on Friday mornings, providing them with an opportunity to earn college credits and explore a diverse range of academic and career pathways at no cost to the student.  

“The collaborative effort between TRSD and RCC represents a powerful commitment to the academic and personal development of high school students,” says TRSD Communication Coordinator Wendy Giordano. “It is designed to ignite curiosity and inspire future career choices.” 

Key Highlights of the College Connect Program: 

1. College Education at No Cost to Students: This initiative removes financial barriers, making higher education more accessible. 

2. Exploratory College Courses: TRSD high school students can engage in exploratory college classes in a variety of disciplines: Allied Health, Automotive Technology, Computer Science, Social Science and Design and Digital Media. 

3. College Credit Accumulation: Participants earn valuable college credits while in high school that can lay a solid foundation for their college journey. 

4. Access to the RCC Redwood Campus: Transportation options may be available for TRSD students, ensuring they can take full advantage of RCC’s state-of-the-art facilities and resources at the Redwood Campus in Grants Pass. 

5. Life Ready Learners: The primary objective of College Connect is to prepare students for a successful future by equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in higher education and beyond. 

A Win-Win Partnership for Education 

By joining forces, TRSD and RCC are poised to enhance educational opportunities for local high school students. RCC offers a wide range of educational pathways including college transfer degrees, industry certificates, skill development programs, GED and high school diploma completion, as well as support for math, English and writing skills. 

“RCC courses are a great compliment to the offerings we have at our high schools. Through this partnership our students will be able to earn college credit, work-based learning, or job certifications that will give them a leg up in their career or workplace,” says TRSD Deputy Superintendent Casey Alderson. 

“This partnership underscores the commitment of both institutions to enrich the lives and prospects of students in the Three Rivers community,” says Toledo. 

For More Information: 

Classes start Friday, Sept. 29.  For additional details about College Connect opportunities, contact a TRSD high school counselor or Julie Toledo at [email protected] or 541-956-7380. 

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