Siskiyou Community Health Center Donates $8,000 to the RCC Foundation to Help Nursing Students

by | Oct 2, 2023 | Education and Learning

Jackson and Josephine counties (Oct. 2, 2023) — The Rogue Community College (RCC)
Foundation received an $8,000 donation from Siskiyou Community Health Center that helpe
put a quality stethoscope in the hands of each new RCC nursing student for the 2023-2024
school year.
As the RCC Nursing Department expands, the need for 80 stethoscopes for incoming students
was brought to the attention of the RCC Foundation. They contacted Siskiyou Community
Health Center’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Kristin Miller and told her about the situation. Dr.
Miller brought the information to the leadership team and the Foundation was soon notified that
Siskiyou Community Health Center’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Richard Booth said they
were able to assist.
“When Dr. Miller let me know about the opportunity to help supply stethoscopes to RCC’s
incoming nursing program students, I was excited to be in a position to assist. Siskiyou
Community Health Center is proud to support RCC’s health care professional education
programs and collaborate with them to increase the number of health care professionals
supporting our community,” said Booth.
Thanks to the $8,000 donation from Siskiyou Community Health Center, RCC ordered the new
stethoscopes and has them for this fall term’s nursing students. There will be a total of 118
nursing students during the 2023-2024 school year, 80 of whom will receive one of the new

“The RCC Foundation is so thankful to collaborate with industry partners such as Siskiyou
Community Health Center to meet student and program needs,” said RCC Foundation Interim
Executive Director Anna Manley.
For more information on Siskiyou Community Health Center and their service to the community,

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