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Cave Junction Farmers' Market is not only a marketplace for local farmers, bakers, ranchers, artists and crafters, it is a place for community, art, music, families, connection and celebrat […]
We exist to serve anyone facing food insecurity in Josephine County. Every month, we provide food for over 20,000 people through our partner organizations. Shockingly, over a quarter of tho […]
Daily Blessings Farm
485 Daily Lane, Grants Pass, OR +97527, Grants Pass, Oregon 97527, United States
Daily Blessings Farm grows strawberries, vegetables and pasture raised layer poultry for eggs. Using organic growing strategies outlined by the National Organics Program, we practice regen […]
The Josephine County Farm Collective provides our community with greater access to local agricultural products and educational opportunities while strengthening the economic viability of pr […]
Novium Folium Farm Sanctuary
1760 lone mountain, Obrien, Oregon 97534, United States
Novium Folium Farm and Sanctuary ☆501c3 ☆92-1575485 ☆Animal Protection and Welfare Organization A New Leaf , Healthy Growth , Second Chances , New Beginnings . ☆ Farm Animal shelter /Re […]
Open Now
740 Circle W Dr, Selma, OR 97538, United States
Free firewood from dead standing firs and pines in exchange for labor
272 North Old Stage Road, Cave Junction, Oregon 97523, United States
Frog Farm
9044 Takilma Road, Cave Junction, Oregon 97523, United States
Frog Farm is a 10-acre permaculture farm in Takilma, Oregon, located at the base of Hope Mountain. It has evolved over the last 23 years with many helping hands from around the world. We gr […]
Siskiyou Mountain Herbs
9044 Takilma Road, Cave Junction, Oregon 97523, United States
Siskiyou Mountain Herbs is a family business located at the Frog Farm in Takilma, 9 miles southeast of Cave Junction. We offer herbal consultations, handmade organic and wildcrafted product […]
Cave Junction Farmers' Market
307 South Junction Avenue, Cave Junction, Oregon 97523, United States
The Cave Junction Farmers' Market is a gathering of farmers, food producers, artists, musicians, and non-profits that meets to sell and share the fruits of their labors every Friday from 4- […]
Support the Watershed Council by buying Alevin wine from our sponsor, Bridgeview Winery:  We receive $1 donation for every bottle sold.
Spiral Living Center
9044 Takilma Road, Cave Junction, Oregon 97523, United States
Spiral Living Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving the Illinois Valley since 2006. Our mission is to create a sustainable, self-sufficient community in the Illinois Valley. […]
The IV SWCD offers locally led conservation in the Illinois Valley. We are farmers, ranchers, gardeners, horse owners, miners, loggers, and land owners working together for the health of t […]

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